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RamRei Energy is a Technology and Operations consulting firm that Advises The Energy Sector Globally.

We provide unique solutions to subsurface related matters for the industries of Oil and Gas, Geothermal, CO2 Capture and Storage, Hydrogen and Circular Economy Energy Processes with Innovation and Sustainability focus

 Interim Management - Consulting Operations - Technical Assistance - Advisory Services - Processes - Procedures - Methodologies - Well Operator - Integrated Subsurface - Well Management - Performance Improvement - Decommissioning - Training

Oil and Gas

We add value, developing and applying solutions for projects in the energy, industrial, infrastructure, environment and facilities sectors.


We appraise, advise and assist in the development of geothermal opportunities in terms of subsurface locations for the development of Geothermal projects, geological conditions for the construction of wells and energy plants.

Carbon Capture and Storage

We provide solutions to the development of different options for the captured CO2.


We appraise, advise and assist in the implementation of underground storage alternatives such as saline cavities and other geological features is a key aspect to achieve H2 strategy as a must-have tool for accommodate electricity supply and demand.


We listen, We share, We want to help!

We commit quality and trust for our customers through ethics  and excellence of our human team.

In RamRei Energy we can carry out the technical, administrative and document management justification before grantors agencies ERDF grants or other instrument of the European Union to co-finance investment projects in generation of thermal energy with renewable energy sources.

MANAGE your request for help, before the grantors agencies for eligible expenditure in the relevant calls.

We prepare the justification for carrying out the project, and carry out technical, administrative and document management justification before the awarding body for carrying out the actions that make up the project, including the preparation of the report of the auditor and the supporting report of the actions covered by the aid (supporting technical report) of the project.

It is passion, not only business.

Our experience gained through regular updates of strategic activities, leading with the power of truth, justice and purpose, active involvement in Environmental Health and Safety and leading board field operational inspections and reviews made us implement and manage processes and procedures on an international scale.  - Reinaldo Ramirez

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RamRei embraces collaboration for success. 'When we stand with our Allies,' as Madeleine Albright said, 'no force on earth is more powerful.' Together, we thrive.



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