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RamRei Energy at Rotary Club

RamRei Management was honored to receive an invitation from our friend Jutta Dornhege to discuss the potential of geothermal energy and its various exploitation opportunities in the Canary Islands. We extend our gratitude to the Rotary Club of Puerto De La Cruz and its president, Jaime Riestra, for their warm hospitality and the chance to engage in a meaningful discussion on this crucial topic for the Canary Islands. Together, we explore the possibilities that can shape the future of sustainable energy in our beautiful region.

Entrevista a Nuestro COO Reinaldo Ramirez explicando que está pasando con la Geotermia de Alta Temperatura para Canarias

Agosto de 2013

Attending GTS-NA Summit Houston May 2023

Mr. Gamarra brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the energy sector, making him a valuable addition to the company's Board of Directors.

In an effort to continue to expand our operations and strengthen its position in the renewable energy market with his extensive knowledge and strategic insights, Mr. Gamarra will play a crucial role in guiding the company's long-term growth and sustainability initiatives.

As a Non-Executive Director, Mr. Gamarra will leverage his expertise to guide RamRei Energy S.R.L.'s strategic decisions, foster innovation, and enhance the company's overall performance. His extensive experience in project development, stakeholder management, and regulatory affairs will be invaluable as RamRei Energy S.R.L. continues to expand its footprint in the renewable energy sector.

"We are delighted to welcome Mr. Francisco Gamarra to RamRei Energy S.R.L. as our newest Non-Executive Director," said Mrs. Rosario Diaz, CEO of RamRei Energy S.R.L. "His profound industry knowledge and remarkable achievements in the renewable energy field will be of immense value to our company. We are confident that his guidance and strategic insights will play a crucial role in driving our future growth and reinforcing our commitment to sustainability."

Mr. Gamarra expressed his enthusiasm for joining RamRei Energy S.R.L., stating, "I am honored to be part of RamRei Energy S.R.L., a company that is at the forefront of renewable energy innovation. I look forward to collaborating with the Board of Directors and the management team to further enhance the company's vision and contribute to the global clean energy transition."

The appointment of Mr. Francisco Gamarra as a Non-Executive Director aligns with RamRei Energy S.R.L.'s ongoing efforts to attract top industry talent and strengthen its position as a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions.

Conversion of Oil fields to Geothermal / Conversión de Campos Petrolíferos a Geotérmicos 

The recipe:

1) Characterise the geothermal potential of ageing wells. 2) Select wells that can be used for geothermal energy production atdifferent conditions. 3) Develop an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) pilot testing facility to conduct trials and optimize systems.

 First stage will confirm assumptions of the reservoir model and actual production. Second stage is the construction of facilities. Estimated GHGs reduced /avoided are 22 MtCO2e for a 10-year period. Future options include utilization of carbon from nearby capture plants.

La Receta:

1) Caracterizar el potencial geotérmico de pozos envejecidos. 2) Seleccionar pozos que puedan ser utilizado para la producción de energía geotérmica en

diferentes condiciones. 3) Desarrollar un orgánico Instalación de prueba piloto de Rankine Cycle (ORC) para realizar pruebas y optimizar sistemas.

La primera etapa confirmará los supuestos del modelo de yacimiento y producción real. La segunda etapa es la construcción de la planta.

GEI estimado reducido/evitados son 22 MtCO2e durante un período de 10 años. Las opciones futuras incluyen la utilización de carbono de plantas de captura cercanas.

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